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Sunny Morning Exercise Club

By SJSFC on May 5, 2012 5:44 pm

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Celebrating his first upload to, %u201CSunny Morning Exercise Club%u201D, South Jersey SoundFont Collective sat down with Adam Sigmund of Origami Repetika to see if they could get a pleasant interview from him. We met up with him in the living room of his apartment in Magnolia, New Jersey. He was talkative, courteous and provided softdrinks.

AS: Please excuse the mess, my wife and I haven%u2019t had time to tidy up a bit, and when we do, Peanut usually drags things out of the trash cans when we%u2019re out.

SJSFC: Sure, sure blame it on the cat. (AS lols) So how are you these days?

AS: Pretty good by God%u2019s grace, my wife and I just moved to Magnolia, got ourselves a kitten, and now we are just learning how to live without having our own washer and dry.

SJSFC: Well, if it makes you feel any better I don%u2019t have one either. But I%u2019m sure you%u2019ll figure out how to be like Mr. Rogers in no time.

AS: Oh no doubt. I pretty much take off my nice work clothes as soon as I get in through the door so I can put on play clothes that I i won%u2019t mind spilling hot sauce or something all over it. I can go with two weeks without going to my mom%u2019s house to do laundry without compromising my hygiene.

SJSFC: So tell us about your new single.

AS: Sunny Morning is a track I made last month on my new little ultraportable pc loaded with renoise 2.8. This sounds used were a mix of a 128voice general midi soundfont called Regression FM, hand-drawn waveform using the pencil in renoise%u2019s sample editor and VOPM vst made by a home computer enthusiast named Sam. The drum sounds were from the samples folder that comes installed with renoise.

SJSFC: Oh that's really neat, thanks for sharing. What are your plans for the future or do you just take life day by day.

AS: Yeah, I just take it day by day.

SJSFC: Any plans to play live in the future.

AS: Yeah, at the local open-mics. I find for my style of music and performance, a 4 to 5 minute time slot is perfect. I'm able to go up there, show off what I made that makes me happy, then re-enter the crowd to enjoy the rest of the show. It's a blessing to be near where there are open-mics and the people I've met so far have been really nice to meet.

SJSFC: Do you have a emailing list so people can receive performance dates, exclusive interviews, media downloads, sweepstakes and blowouts?

AS: Sure just send an email to adamsigmund at gmail dot com with something in the email about mailing list and I'll be sure to hook up and keep your email private from outside parties.

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