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Gotta' Make It (48h Challenge)

By SeanBad on Feb 16, 2010 2:23 pm

Valpo Usta (awesome name) challenged me to "write a song about havin' an awesome night's sleep and then waking up realising you overslept. hurry to school and then you decide wheter you make it in time or not! yeah so basically a song with a relaxy part and then a stressy part, and then a final. use LSDJ for this one!"|

Alright well this IS but ISN'T my 48h hour challenge. long story short I forgot to save 3/4 of what I have done to my 48h song so I wrote this is a couple of hours. It's short and I apologize.

THE STORY: A boy named Fuck had an awesome night sleep (3/4 of intro) then waked up not feeling right (End of intro). Fuck suddenly realized that he is late to school and began to panic and ran around his room to get ready (breakdown after intro). Fuck takes off in his car speeding to school (Verse 1). Fuck takes a look at his watch and realized he is fucked and begins a massive stress trip (Verse 2). Fuck gets closer and is JUST about to get to his school's entrance (the dundundundundun part at the end of the stressy verse) and all of a sudden a truck t-bones him (the big boom at the end) and dies a deadly death (that shit at the end).

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

nice swellin

I am fine with tits

P.S. You need to start finishing these songs up. It's not fair to US. It's like a super model granting you access to her love but then only letting you touch her breasts. We wanna get laiiiid!


love it, Sr. Seanbad! Do finish it like you said in the thread! p.s. sweet sidechaining tongue

what the fuck, the bass on this is ridiculous! haha love it

It is indeed all lsdj, sidechain is possible smile

This is great. Thanks!  You had me at fuck.

oh yeah i love this! i can really imagine the story you wrote, and though he is stressed out he seems really cool, just like that part; can almost feel a little sidechaining in there big_smile, though i'm not really sure if you're able to do that in lsdj hehe . nice ending btw, too bad you lost the other parts of the song, had been really nice to hear.

well you did a great job at my challenge, glad you're liking my name too! smile

Nice one!

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