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Rarest of Elements

By Shael Riley on Mar 5, 2010 1:56 pm

Come on in and tell me how you're doing. We're all so glad to meet you. Let us make you comfortable. Everyone's here to please you. You're the only girl at the fourty-man gang-bang, and we're all so excited to meet you. We've been saving up for you. And you're gonna get a special treat. We think you'll think it's neat. Cause you're the rarest of elements. Girl, you are heaven sent. You fulfill our adolescent fantasy compliments of being, heaven sent. Girl, you get really bent over and over and over with many gents. Let me get you something to drink now. And I really hope you dig it. Everyone is eager to get with you. Everyone's gonna frig it, you midget. You're the only girl at the fourty-man gang-bang, and we're all so excited to meet you. Everyone line up! We are about to give you. Deep-seeded man issues.

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We are a group of circus clowns looking for a female to share. We have done this many times before, but lately it seems that all the women on this site want a "sugar daddy" or be paid to fulfill their fantasies. If you are a young college student looking to have a wild experience but are tired of the drunken frat boys and soldiers.....we can help you!!!!! If you are a MILF and tired of the boring day to day of you husband and his brother.....we can help you!!!!!! If you are a closet slut just dying to get hammered hard and used.....WE CAN HELP YOU!!!!!!!

We are a safe and sane group of current and former circus clowns that are experienced in group settings and in the art of pleasuring women and making their dreams come true. Some of us are of "normal height and weight" and some of us are midgets and really fat or really tall. We are also very skilled at baloon tricks and getting in and out of very small cars.

A few of our successful experiences:

1. A group of 6 of us gang banged a goat over and over til she was glowing.

2. We had a female be our "entertainment" at a Superbowl party where she served drinks in the nude and serviced the guys as they needed it. She liked it a lot and brought two girlfriends from GMU over with her for a poker night. Both parties were great because we didn't have a TV at the Superbowl party and none of us knows how to play poker.

3. One girl wanted a group of 7 one at a time. She had a room with a tiny closet and all of the guys were able to fit in at the same time with her and nobody got their make-up distorted. Some of us went back for a second round. She ended by having us all cum into a giant cup all night and she drank the cup at the end. She had so much fun and liked the cum so much, she came back for a larger group (no sex, but a giant bukkake circle) to get drenched in cum and clown make-up.

4. One woman wanted one guy every 3 days. After 3 days she switched to the next guy. She did not know who she was going to get, just an envelope with a name and a number so she could move on. She went through all 12 of us.

What is your fantasy ladies? What can we do for you?

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