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Hard Drive to the Imperial Library / Music / Shell's VICE Bots's music / Hard Drive to the Imperial Library

Hard Drive to the Imperial Library

By Shell's VICE Bots on Dec 31, 2019 9:36 pm … al-library

Intercom: emergency transmission coming through; its morse code! ...S...O...S, wait theres more ... ... ... LIBRARY!

Your Superior: Cololel, enemies inbound, assemble your convoy and rush to the IMPERIAL LIBRARY.

Once there, position your troops outside to defend against the enemy waves (If you dont position them wisely, they will take the IMPERIAL LIBRARY along with you in it, which will constitute a mission fail) while you search inside for the electronic files, referred to as *DATADISKS*, of which there are 5. Intel suggests that a group of enemy scouts is already inside, so be prepared. Also, civilians are moving books to the countryside and away from the war zone, helping them from the enemy is not part of your mission, but they may assist you in return for your protection

Here, take this with you too, we call this a *HARDDRIVE*. Like a mimeograph, you will use the *HARDDRIVE* to make an imprint of the documents contained within the *DATADISKS*. Remember Colonel, we need the information from all 5 disks to for success!

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