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SilentSinner9801's Profile / SilentSinner9801's Profile

Silent Sinner in Scarlet, usually abbreviated as SilSinn in the video gaming community, started writing music after hours of playing ancient computer and video games that made use of music generated by rudimentary soundchips from the 1980’s and early 1990’s. SilSinn especially found favor with the Yamaha YM2608 (OPNA) FM-synthesizer soundchip (which was found in high-end NEC PC-9801 & PC-9821 computers that once dominated the Japanese domestic market) because of the relative ease of composing and arranging music for it and because of its ability to mix FM, PSG, and PCM sound paradigms in a well-balanced fashion.
SilSinn chose Professional Music Driver (PMD98) by Masahiro Kajihara (梶原正裕, a.k.a. KAJA) as the preferred music compiler for creating OPNA music evocative of the PC-9801/9821 computers (affectionately shortened to PC-98 by gaming enthusiasts), as well as music similar in quality to that featured on arcade games and the Sega MegaDrive/Genesis video-game systems. For inspiration, SilSinn thanks legendary Japanese composers Jun’ya Ota (太田順也, a.k.a. ZUN of Touhou/東方 fame), Tatsuo Takai (高井達雄, of Astro Boy/鉄腕アトム fame), and Nobuo Uematsu (植松伸夫, of Final Fantasy fame) as role models to follow.

Etymology of Silent Sinner in Scarlet:
Sinner: we are all sinners. Silent: not all sins can be publicly discussed. Scarlet: the blood of some Holy one crucified in Rome nearly 2000 years ago… the ONLY blood that can cleanse each/every sin in the world — even the silent ones. / SilentSinner9801's Profile