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Nite Ride

Nite Ride

By SketchMan3 on Jul 16, 2012 10:26 am

Finally decided to pony up and put up something original to show where I currently stand in LSDJ. This isn't my first evar track (it's around #12 or so, I think), but it is one I think is worth seeing the light. It even has art big_smile

(I was trying to decide whether to make it a motorcycle or a longboard.  Little sister said I'm too into longboards, so motorcycle it is big_smile ).

Attempting to capture the mystery, danger, excitement, and calm of going really fast on a clear moonlit night. (after hitting a few random notes in LSDJ experimenting with tutorial stuff and liking the sound of it).

I like noise kicks, and so decided to try something a little different with this one, and make it a little less crunch, a little more punch.


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This is pretty neat song. I don't know what to say about this except this is pretty darn catchy big_smile
I guess the only thing I would have done differently in this song would've been the drums at the beginning. I would've made them a bit more calm.

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