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Maintain the Flow

By SpellingPhailer on Jun 12, 2013 11:45 am

A song I made for the in-production RPG Forsinthesis. Enjoy!

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Member has requested constructive criticism

this is such a good song i made art for it

Absurdly well done. The best I've heard off this site in some time.

Very nice tune. Bamboori said exactly what I have in mind  when listening to it : makes me think of megaman (especially the drums) with some old rpg's melodies. It's very well-dosed, and I think this tune would be great for an introduction or a battle music, yep.
Won't you make other tracks for this project ? They should ask you smile

I find this song has well pace, a very full and striving theme, it does more then make me think of an RPG game in general , it makes me think of a grand tale that took years to conceive and create while the company was facing bankruptcy and the only thing motivating the staff was their pure desire to share something wonderful with the world!
I'm not intentionally sucking up , but its wonderful tunes like this that make you one of my favorite chiptune artists out there, I hope you are or will be employed by a dedicated group of developers that make the gaming industry shine!
As for any criticism, i think it should had ended with an attack noise and a short victory tune, to help immerse people that you are going for an RPG.

sounds megaman-like, mixed with a modern interpretation of old final fantasy tunes big_smile
this will be great as battle music in an rpg!

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