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Genesis '87

Genesis '87

By Subway Sonicbeat on Jan 31, 2010 8:46 am

I almost died in birth. But here am I.

My attempt of acid house

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It's from a SID sample pack, you can find it easily cause it was a compo for hexawe. The vibrato i made manually in the piggy table. And now I managed to get a feeling of the 303, I think it's good enough (I messed with some filters and I got something I liked) big_smile

nice one! I like this. The bass instrument sounds fine as is, but if you're going specifically for acidhouse, grab that 303 sample. smile I really like this though. smile What's that vibrato triangle sample from?

Mostly cause I couldn't get a sample of the 303, and I was trying to see where the piggy can go with it, experimenting with the filters. And for the convinience of the sid sample being in tune with the rest.

You are using piggy tracker? Then why not use a real acid bassline instead of going around it somehow else? D:

For the acid bass line, you could use a series of multiple SID samples with increasing resonance and different filter amounts and then fit them together in the bassline.

Ah yeah, I'm trying to emulate the acid bassline, with a pulse from SID and using the piggy filters. Failing at it. The kick... I think I'll sample myself the gb kick and all the other samples, that sample pack I got from it is not that good, I admit, but I like it.

Use your own kick. That sample kick is awful.
For the track to be acid house, it needs acid basslines, and they are not here smile


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