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By Super Prism on Jun 3, 2014 7:10 pm

Just a little dance based song I created using LSDJ. It's not one of my best... But I feel like I did a good job on it. Also, a tip to LSDJers, USE THAT F COMMAND! I got SO MANY great wav noises from instruments that I thought had little potential in this one. So yea, enjoy!

If you really like it, do me a favor and support me on SoundCloud:

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This sounds pretty cool, I like a lot of the WAV channel sounds! Also, off topic, but I thought I was the only teen on this site, so I'm glad there's another one who likes chipmusic lol

@ryba Yea, the volume control on the WAV drums could have been better. And since I'm STILL using an emulator, the sound quality of them is prettty abysmal. Thanks for the input, it really helps! I will definitely re-think the way I use WAV drums, or just stick to noise.

And about the bass, I've basically maxed out the volume of the WAV channel to as far as it can go without overshadowing the leads. As well as with the EQ, I have the bass jacked up quite a bit.

Hey man this is a really solid and create piece!

Yeh. Work on drums. And try to use wav kits drums at least. But sometimes it's good in some short part of composition to use it, just for a contrast. Could you make all nonbass sounds more silent? I'd like to hear more bass here, but maybee it's not possible. My opinion.

Thanks! And yea, I'm probably never going to work with drums kits again. Too much fuzz and early cutoffs going on.

i really like the icey vibe this song gives off . your really good with the wave channel i can tell. but there was a part in the song were some samples cut off but other than that its god !

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