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By Super Prism on May 22, 2014 10:26 pm

A track I made about a week ago using one copy of LSDJ on an emulator. I put an unusual amount of work into this one, I just felt like it had more potential to be a great chiptune track. But I guess you guys are the judge of that, so judge away! Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

If you really like it, do me a favor and like it on soundcloud:

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Awesome track. I could listen to it on and on. smile

Thank you so much! And yea, I suppose I could have done better on the opening.

im so impressed that you can produce some beats in like a week, it takes me months! at least weeks! this sounds nice, for me the main opening theme is a bit generic, some nice ornaments and stuff especially ~1.4 that's fun big_smile and nice variety of rhythms and sections and things good job!

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