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Party Pants (vocal, gat, LSDJ) / Music / The Laohu's music / Party Pants (vocal, gat, LSDJ)

Party Pants (vocal, gat, LSDJ)

By The Laohu on May 9, 2012 5:32 pm

This is an early mix for a song from my upcoming EP. The final mix has some tweaks to the LSDJ portion, brings out the guitar riffs a bit more and takes the amp effect off of the vocals (it was an experiment).

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Has this song been covered? I listened to it on your bandcamp, and  It sounds so familiar. Maybe I had a dream that it was sung by a foot-stompin' woman in a movie or commercial or something... lol. This tune is very memorable. big_smile Some of the vocal style reminds me a bit of Karen O and someone else I can't recall right now... Speaking of which...

You have a very good voice, but I think this would sound awesome with a female vocal. Just personal preference wink

But anyway, I like your style. d(^_^)b

Fun track, The Laohu!

brightwhitelightning wrote:


I hope that's the good kind of interesting.

SketchMan3 wrote:

Are you a fan of SPEAK?

I hadn't heard of them before but I'll check them out.

And magnus, I'm glad you like it.

fuck yeh thats how you do it!

Are you a fan of SPEAK?


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