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Vex's Profile / Vex's Profile

Name is Tatum "Vex" Barham, gone by Vex since my sister started calling me that over 8 years ago. Been in the chip scene for about 3 years painting gameboys and messing with lsdj. Was introduced to the scene by a good friend of mine. Been modding my own gameboys for about a year. I have a few artist that I'm a fan of chip tune wise a few lesser know ones, CCIVORY, Spore, Spamtron, Nullsleep, PANDAstar, The Handle, Bitshifter, Dj Don't Do It, SuperBoy and many many more.
Love to listen to pretty much anything chiptune wise some I hate some I love. I play guitar, and have a few nice ones. I listen to about any genre of music anything from lady gaga to the clash to Joan osbourne to London after midnight to skrillex to velvet acid Christ. I cover pretty much any genre. I'm a fan of music period and chiptunes just help fill that passion. / Vex's Profile