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rotting corpses / Music / Volt 44's music / rotting corpses

rotting corpses

By Volt 44 on Dec 8, 2017 9:25 pm

(original recording 2005, 8 track tape)

rotting corpses every
T.V. is your suicide
thrown away a useful
wasted brains deserve to die

turn on the T.V.
afraid that you might find
that as well as a body
you also have a mind

you've embraced mediocrity
let it kick you in the head
you're hooked on the worthless corporate trash
you're better off dead

you deserve to die

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Member has requested constructive criticism

I've not heard this combo (deatmetal and chiptune) before, and it's strange.. but i like it!
It would be maybe cool if you put some bitcrushing or distortion like that on the voice to make it sound in the same tonal universe as the synths? That would be my suggestion.

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