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Keepers of the Talisman (Book four - "A Sea of Trouble") / Music / Wheely's music / Keepers of the Talisman (Book four - "A Sea of Trouble")

Keepers of the Talisman (Book four - "A Sea of Trouble")

By Wheely on Feb 1, 2012 10:29 am

Hi guys! First, let me introduce myself. I make fakebit since march 2010 and was active on the 8bc, but as it seems to die I decided to change over to to get some people listening to my actual stuff. I tend to create hard soundwalls by choosing the instrumentation in my way. My big first influence is Metal but I listened to a lot of rave when I was a teen, so expect some hard hitting and often dancey music. I also write "storytale tunes" like this one here that was part of a series of four songs and is somehow the final chapter of a big story. The story can be read below and if there is interest I will upload the old tunes of that saga afterwards, but be warned I learned a lot, so the old ones might not have that much quality than this one here. So, read the story below while listening and have fun with the tune:


Keepers of the Talisman (Book four - "A Sea of Trouble")

An old Legend is written that a terrible menace will arrive once every 1,000 years. A magical portal can be used to summon a greater demon who gives its summoner endless might and the control over the whole world. The Legend also tells of Armageddon, brought on by the summoner's death and his demon rampaging out of control. Our heroes have brought three talisman pieces to an island named "Rhakkat" in order to prevent the arrival of this monster. Those pieces must be put together and plugged into the portal in order to send the demon back from whence he came.

After the successful gathering of our champions, morale is high. The target of their journey is near and the atmosphere is peaceful. Shades of green, proud vegetation can be seen in all directions. Many trees and bushes dot the landscape. Strange never-before-seen architecture lies just off the path, and many animals are living on that island. Swarms of birds fly directly over the party, almost seeming to accompany them. After some time, they see lightning in the distance, which tells them the summoning has already begun. Are our heroes too late?

As they get closer to the spot where the lightning struck, they see the portal and a dark-clothed man kneeling in front of it. He stands up and shouts in an unfamiliar tongue "Vohad Annaka!" while he strikes the ground with his ornate staff. The swarms of birds follow the will of the enemy now. Two hundred of them, each with a wingspan of a full meter, have risen to attack our heroes. Their beaks are strong and spiked with many dangerous teeth. They have blind eyes, black like the night, and locate our heroes with a supernatural instinct. They manage to hit the heroes several times, leaving terrible wounds.

Gorza fights as he never fought before and kills some of the birds with his axe in a battle fury. He does a battle cry which makes the enemies only attack him so that Rogar and Hjolmir are able to support Gorza in that exhausting fight. Myrh tries to break the control between the warlock and his minions, but his will is strong and too heavy to circumvent. As the effect of Gorza’s battle cry weakens, one the birds rockets toward Myrh. Before he can get out of his magical trance, the bird closes his beak around his throat with a death-grip and rips a chunk of flesh from his body.

Everything seems to be in slow motion now. Myrh falls slowly to the ground as his soul leaves his body. His whole life flashes right before his eyes. He sees himself growing up in his hometown and becoming a magician, and sees the heroic battles he fought in order to reach the portal. He knows his time has come and his soul can only perform one last feat. He takes all his energy and focuses it on the evil magician. A ray of light appears at the front of his dying body, which manages to hit the surprised summoner. The magician reacts too slowly, and a hole appears through his skull and brain. He falls to the ground as his entranced birds retreat.

A bloodcurdling cry can be heard. The demon! Right behind the dead body of the warlock appears a monster with the size of a small house. Its skin seems to burn and an aggressive red aura surrounds him. He wants their blood. Another fight begins as the heroes try to reach the portal. The demon swipes at the heroes with his mighty claws several times, each time barely missing them. Heat permeates the air as he spits several fireballs in their direction. They act quickly, managing to outmaneuver him, and it seems like they are able to reach the portal.

Suddenly, the demon starts to growl a dark melody, pulling our heroes into his mindgrip. They fight against his will as he commands them to kill each other. Gorza is the first to obey, charging at his companions. Suddenly, the demon begins to flicker, losing his grip for a short time. The heroes fall to the ground, and the talisman pieces that they are wearing around their necks begin to glow. This is the chance; they run to the portal and all three quickly put the pieces together, just as they fade into unconsciousness.

As they wake up they see that the talisman is still inside the portal and the demon is gone. The battle was won and the world triumphs!


I also have a facebook-page ... feel free to like it if you want:

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

thanks for that big compliments. Not much traffic here on the site, but I like what is there smile

wow this chiptune is really unique! I've never really heard anything quite like this before... but its epic.

i like everything. its completely awesome!

thanks a lot, I am glad you are digging it smile

This track is intense!  I was gonna say it sounded like it belonged in an epic boss battle or an action escape, but it seems as though the battle was right on.  Cool song, cool story.

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