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Shaded Tentacle The Rise of Squid Man

By Y2k4ever on Jul 6, 2012 8:31 am

This is an intro theme i made in Famitracker ,
The story:
Once upon a time there was a generic teenager named Trent Ackles , and one day while strolling down to his best friend/crush's house , Trent is pulled into a dark ally by a giant tentacle mon... squid!
Now as luck would have it , Trent's fate wasn't as sealed as he, or the viewer, would believe, for this tenta... Squid wasn't looking for love in ALL the wrong places, but instead he was an  old ageing tent... Squid, and needed to pass his, um.... Curse! onto some one else, so they would become a new mindless horn... Feisty! beast , to replace his place on earth, as the process was coming to an end, and the "Curse" was almost entirely passed on, a near by homeless man saved a liquor store and was rewarded a lawnmower to start a business and begin a new life, upon starting the lawnmower it exploded , and the blade flew out and severed the t...Squids tentacle before the "Curse" could be fully passed on, with a loud shriek the Squid released Trent , traumatized from the explosion , passes out...
Trent awakes in his Crush's Dad's basement laboratory, Trent is greeted by the father wearing his usual science coat, and science bra on his head... For science!!!
Trent slowly regaining himself tries to make out words... but is cut off by the father,
"Trent , i haven't the time to explain anything, but you must use your new found abilities to rescue my daughter from the evil Tentasnakes of Zeptacle 7!!!"
And so Trent , not even thinking about what ever the hell happened to Zeptacle 1-6,  suits up, since the dad keeps jump suits and speedows in his basement, and rushes of to save his crush from being crushed be the piercing grip of the nefarious Tentasnakes!

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