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Arcane Zone Part 2 (SAM Coupe / Philips SAA chip) / Music / YERZMYEY's music / Arcane Zone Part 2 (SAM Coupe / Philips SAA chip)

Arcane Zone Part 2 (SAM Coupe / Philips SAA chip)

By YERZMYEY on Apr 29, 2013 10:02 pm

This is the final version of my very first song for the British computer SAM Coupe ("Spectrum Advanced Machine").

The song has been made for its Philips SAA soundchip (6 channels). It took the 2nd place on the AAA-Compo 2013 on-line party.

Software: E-Tracker.

Works also on ZX Spectrum with ZXM-SoundCard.

The song comes from my album "Chiptunes" (October 2014) downloadable from here:

Enjoy. wink

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

YERZMYEY: Great to hear it now it's released. (Thanks for the preview a couple weeks ago). Great to see you working on SAM Coupe music smile

The SAM Coupe itself is very popular around Europe these days: UK, Eastern European countries and Spain are particular hotspots but I've had interest from all over the world in all the stuff I've been producing over the last 19 years. The SAM Coupe has to be one of the best 8-bits ever and the SAA1099 is a great soundchip too.

Thanks a lot, my friends. smile


Bloody hell, this is the first time I've heard somebody mention the Sam Coupe in years. I remember all those ads about it back in the day when reading Sinclair User, Your Sinclair and Crash magazine etc. Awesome music my friend, respect is due.

Fantastic smile

Yeah, this is awesome, nice work!

Hehe, thx dudez. smile Only few people remembers about this classic United Kingdom machine - and it's a pity: that was a f*cking powerful 8-bit construction! smile

17 seconds in and I've already made my mind up
Top work

I love this%u2665

Dude... this sounds beautiful!!! Keep up the Good Work

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