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Fifteen Colours (YM/AY chip) / Music / YERZMYEY's music / Fifteen Colours (YM/AY chip)

Fifteen Colours (YM/AY chip)

By YERZMYEY on Oct 2, 2012 10:56 pm

ZX Spectrum 48K with AY-interface.
The song comes from my album "Chiptunes" (October 2014) downloadable from here:

Also, the music has been made for my ZX48 platform-game:
"Crapbert Buttslut in the muthafuckin' damn stone-circle of the devil".
PL title: "Zbylut Owrzodzień w kamiennym, kurwa, zajebanym czarcim kręgu".

Download the game here:

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

crane stance is no match for his yerzmyey style.

_133, Kraettz, Monotron: thx dudez. smile

Kraettz: what if funny, Spectrum synthesizes the snare in one channel only, because on AY it is possible to play simultaneously white-noise and square. smile

Monotron: Most of Spectrum musicians are demo-sceners. They make music only for software, You know. And I like music itself, so I just make my stuff, record it from real hardware mostly, and release 'unattached' to hardware, as music only. smile

Your music ALWAYS kicks ass! Awesome stuff, I first heard you on the 8bits of christmas, not too many ZX Spectrum artists out there

Most of all I love the sound of the bass line and the snare drum. Amazing

No it doesn't. It sounds like Atari ST because it's the same sound-chip. Some of my traxx for Atari ST have been actually made on ZX Spectrum and then just copied into Atari ST.
Better songs for Atari ST uses AY/YM chip 4 times faster (200khz) to gave it new synthesis possibilities. And I'd suggest You to use such trackers. The newest are: MusicMon and maxYMizer. last times I made a song on MusicMon and it was pretty nice. Both: for the work and the result. wink But I can't publish it yet, 'cause it's for an Atari party in December.

Blah, whoops. ZX Spectrum. I was sure you made music for Atari ST or something...Explains why it sounds 1-bit/MISTERBEEP-ish  : P

Nice Yerzmyey, you never fail to capture me with your Atari tunes. Keep pumping this stuff  out forever B ). What type of tracker do you use? I've been wanting to try making some music on the Atari platform for some time now! : )

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