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Moon Hoax ( SID / Rpi )

By YERZMYEY on Mar 10, 2016 8:24 pm

Well, a friend asked me once whether it's worth to buy the Raspberry Pi for making music (especially - chiptune / 8-bit / micromusic).

SID's emulation itself is not a problem for the RPI obviously, but I was wondering how it would sound from the Broadcom BCM2836 chip (with its 11 bit quality from a digital PWM module - gives a 'pulse width modulated' signal - working with frequency around 40MHz and it is low-pass-filtered).

So I made a SID song on my Raspberry Pi, to test it.

The song has been recorded directly from Raspberry Pi 2 (the built-in 'jack' port).

I started the song in 2015 but finished it only in March 2016.

You say, I could simply load an emulator and a game to it?
But where is the fun of working with RPI in that?? smile

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Garvalf: Thanks mate. Well, the funny thing is - I was actually able to compose entire song on the RPi - and yes, I used RPi2 of course - there's a port of GoatTracker and I have to say it works really really well; I can recommend it. it required some configuration at first, if I recall, but finally I'm pleased.
Well, external noise-gate as usual required. wink

Very good! Which program did you use to replay your sid? I've tried sidplayfp but it was too demanding for my Rpi1, and on the Rpi2 I got a pulseaudio error...

Thx doodz. wink

Rather not. It was just a test whether it is possible to do properly on the Rpi.
But - one never knows, heh.

Awesome tune! So, you're getting the hang of composing for SID?

Great track  smile

Love it! smile

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