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a brief departure from this world / Music / ZAZI's music / a brief departure from this world

a brief departure from this world

By ZAZI on Feb 7, 2011 10:36 pm

i made this with mssiah monosynth on a c64c with a 6581 sid, and a korg poly 800, as well as some drum samples. all arranged in ztracker, a midi tracker for windows. no post-fx or mastering. the high frequency noise is from the sid.

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thanks everyone heart

it's perfect

yes.nice man. no 8bc is kinda lame i reckon.but hey it just got a tiny bit more acceptable with some zazi.

this is extremely impressive. those sounds are just so soft and magical. You really achieve that relaxed vibe with the understated drums and overall minimalism of the piece, but at the same time its very focused and explicit, everything seems to be doing something intentional rather than for the sake of it and that's context perfect. Yeah, I'm doing a lot of praising, this works great as a two part loop, I  think it'd shine even more in performance with building intensities and further layering coming in and out.

i could listen to this for eternity whilst watching endless suns set and rise simultaneously heart

nice n relaxing... .(:

pretty chilly

It's still great.

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