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24Hr Cash

24Hr Cash

By Zan-zan-zawa-butt on Apr 17, 2010 10:29 pm

another study in what i like to call future funk. it's probably already a genre with a totally different definition to the one i imagine but blargh to other people basically

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This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. That second half with that enchanting triangle lead is just great. I dig what you mean by calling it future-funk; The looming arps give it that futuristic space-cowboy sound, and the chromatic swing bass-lines and snare rolls really ground it in funk. The sonic unison of heaven and earth... Quite a lofty description but it fits just right. Will there be a future-funk release at some point?

ugh so good!

None of us know what funk in the future sounds like so it's kind've hard to give constructive criticism tongue I was partial to the less experimental second section of the tune. The first half is very athletic, and hard to classify, which probably means its a success tongue

My main constructive criticism to you in general is that a lot of your songs sound muddy. I wish I could hear all of the intricacy of your music in greater detail.

i like.

ah yes, and that. of course you can always improve a song but i think what people are suggesting is that: don't work your songs to death.

this is good

there's kind of a constant layer of noise running in the background. if you could find a way to slice into this noise and cut it out at parts, it might emphasize the groove and make the overall sound more tight.

big_smile i guess zis isn't as funky as possible but it's a feel i get from the interplay and the squelching. ps i wasn't asking for people to say "this is good" but for people to tell me how to improve it!

funky big bassline yo...... future funk is my favourite genre, i like the change bit with the chords and the cool drums

Awesome song but yes I agree with the text in parenthesis in mahas post.

Your song is good. (Does anyone really need to say that to you anymore?) I enjoy it.  Although, I'm not quite sure what puts the funk in future funk.

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