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The sounds of Data Corruption / Music / Zef's music / The sounds of Data Corruption

The sounds of Data Corruption

By Zef on Jan 5, 2013 7:10 pm

Changed my Cartridge batteries today, interestingness ensued. This is what was left of the song when I ran my cart again (don't worry I backed up the original smile)
Somehow the other song on that cart managed to survive completely unaffected. Be warned, some awfully hideous noise in here.

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This should become a thing. We could call it "Battered Chips". Or something.

Lots of noise, but not much Noise.

This is pretty sweet actually. It's obviously more of a soundscape than a song, but it's still quite nice. I wonder how i could make a hack like this to let LSDJ arbitrarily modify my song. It's not bad to listen to.

You could do most of this on purpose if you really wanted to, not sure really what the point of it would be though haha.

thank god you got an explanation there. for a second i thought that zef's gone ant1'y.

Very interesting. If only these kinds of things could be triggered on purpose!

sound of all my nightmares, all crushed carts have the same style of mixing)

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