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Antibiotics Bitch

By animalstyle on Apr 22, 2010 11:37 pm

YM2612 + Yamaha DX100

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my fav song off the new album ;D

I love the name of the song.
I love the song.
It's great. yikes

Instruments are so freaking snappy. The bass bounces like a 1st grader who dumped his ritalin down the toilet.

I love this freaking album and I love you heart.

i did play that at thw tctd pulsewave and yes - that patch has a similar grit to some sounds you might make on the wav channel. ;  ]

love this one tooo.

Did you play this at the TCTD Awards? I think this is the one with the DX100 patch that blew me away and reminded me of the LSDJ WAV channel....


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