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By arlen on Jan 26, 2010 3:57 am

Originally a quick session with some SNES samples ripped from Super Earth Defense Force and Super Tennis, it soon became a mock-up SNES shmup tune. The "go" sample is from R-Type Leo.

This was really a test song for what was going to be a project of creating a SNES music disk based around a fake shoot 'em up game.

This project has currently been moved over to the Genesis because I hate tuning samples. Plus FM is more suited for what I'm lookin for. (also gives me a good challenge!)

Oh, and it loops.

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The bass is at a good level I think. It's sounds like it would be from a less intense Megaman game. I would play it if the music was this good.

it was meant to be more of a first level song. wink the first level is always cutesy. I cut down the bass because it would clip hmm

hmm, it doesn't sound very shmup to me, more like cutesy side scroller... also i think you need to make the bass louder smile

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