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ambient jam #1 / Music / basspuddle's music / ambient jam #1

ambient jam #1

By basspuddle on Mar 9, 2013 11:28 pm

my first jam with nanoloop 2.6. still a work in progress, but i like how it sounds so far, so i thought i'd post it here and see what y'all thought of it.
stay chill, and enjoy.

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Thanks man, it's very enlightening.
Let us know when You release some GBA album with such micromusic.

Thanks a lot! it's just a regular gameboy advance, running the nanoloop 2.6.0 software. just like a regular gameboy, it has 2 pulse channels, a sine channel, and a noise channel. but since the gameboy advance is capable of creating 16-bit sounds, using the 2.6 software, one is able to use more advanced features, like different wave duty cycles than the DMG's standard 15%, 25%, and 50%, and the sine channel is capable of 4-note polyphony. i only got it a few days ago, you'll probably learn a lot more from the website.

Very interesting.
I like the stuff.
What is the technical aspect? I gather, it's one of Gameboy's models? I'd be interested in its sound capabilities, number of channels and so on.
Anywayz. Good job.

thanks bro! it's going to be worlds better once it's finished.

Very calming. I like the simplicity, but at the same time it's a little bit too simple. I think you might have used the leading ambient sounds a little too much.
Otherwise, a really good song.

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