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Pulse City

Pulse City

By bitwise on Mar 1, 2015 5:40 pm

Well, This is a first chiptune (and actually a tune) ever composed by me using a Game Boy. But before putting something here, I've been making the sound. And learning to use lsdj.

So, this is the first track ever made by me.

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Member has requested constructive criticism

Indeed, this is awesome. Sweet chords and solid beat and rhythm to the tones and sounds. Nice work!

I am listening like 2 hours non-stop. This is a good chiptune my sir

wow. it is so crazy that you actually use a gameboy to make these... thats like me programming on a gameboy.. bravo sir this is an amazing track. there is tons of music out there and most of it sounds quite the same with its use of guitar drums bass vocalist. Usually the timing is so similar between these songs that they essentially equate to the same thing (who cares about lyrics if the tempo is identical to 60% of modern songs). <-- all that to say this: your timing and tempo is different and well done making this stick out. Excited to hear more smile

Huge thanks, criticism is very important to me. Hey, does anybody know how to fix the "pop"-sounds when the note isn't mapped to both L and R? Does prosound mod fix it?

This is really, really good. This puts my stuff to shame and I've been trying to make stuff for years sad ... Really good stuff, dude. If this is your first song then I'm really excited to see where you'll go smile Keep it up!!!

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