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Stoehn OK

Stoehn OK

By boomlinde on May 8, 2010 6:02 pm

4 channel cock rock! XM:

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HAHA! what a song!~

Thanks, I appreciate it. I was going for a sort of "playing too close to the bridge" kind of sound, though, but maybe it was too much.

And I'm glad you noticed, fluidvolt, I've been kind of stuck with modal scales like that since I started jamming to drones smile. Or do you mean the sound itself?

hotdamn! hilarious and overall excellent piece, i don't see how you could possibly squeeze any more cheese on this. volume of the drums is fine (definately not too low), but the bass sounds a bit like a razorblade, maybe filter the high frequencies a bit?

No problem! The drums are fine volume-wise, as well as being interesting musically (that bongo break is great). Also after listening to it again, it's amazing how sitar-like one of those leads is. Great stuff!

Thanks for the tip! I was uncertain about the volume; I've only listened with my crappy headphones (in which the melody level was perfect) and my crappy desktop speakers (where it was a bit too low). What do you think about the drums? I had the same trouble getting a good level on those. Anyway, again, thanks for the tip! I really appreciate it.

That bassline is really nice! I think it would benefit the track if you raised the volume of the lead during the short solo breaks however.

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