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By christopher_voss on Jan 15, 2011 12:59 am

Impulse  tracked.

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Hey, this is pretty good.

start off by saying the track was really really good. i love the way the lead slides in! its perfect, but i agree that the end is to abrupt.  maybe try a really simplistic envelope filer that gives that kind of drowning affect. i think something like that would really end to the melancholia of the song. Really boss cut!

Yeah, the ending would be simple to complete. I kind of left it like that on purpose though. I could add in a little echo with those panning channels.

yeah, this is quite enjoyable! however i don't like the hard panning of the lead in the beginning. it would be much nicer to have a sort of echo-ish effect with 2 channels. later when the rest of the instruments set in it works well though. also i agree with arlen about the ending.

Wow! This is actually really good. I feel like the lead in the beginning could stand out a little more though. This song deserves a better ending, too.

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