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Aetatis Suae (1 bit)

By Cityscape, Go! on Feb 2, 2011 4:24 pm

Just a 1bit beat for you guys... my first in that regard; twas alot of fun to make!

The song is perhaps a little bit (pun intended har har har) unfocused, that's because I'm a little unfocused... but overall I'm quite happy with the outcome given the large amount of restrictions.

Oh yea, "Aetatis Suae" = Latin for "Of his or her age"... its about my age when you start feeling those words properally.

peace guys.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

Thanks smile The song is redone. I will post the newer version sometime

I dig the simplicity of this. I haven't heard much 1-bit stuff. Good work.

Shot pizza (: I'm actually reworking the song... I'm gnna change the patters a little and make the tempo near the beggining a little more bearable. Peace

I like this.. .cool to hear a 1bit song from you (:

Thanks for the nice CC man... hmmm I see what you mean, I think many of the issues your talking about were spawned from my desire to "get creative" with the pattern tempos... I won;t do It again I dont think, but neither will I change this one, Its all part of the learning curve I guess. But just so your clear, are you suggesting a solid tempo throughout? Or just a slight faster tempo for the slower parts so that they dont clash with the higher speed sections? Peace bruther

I like the beating as the tones play off each other. It seems kind of wonky in parts, but around a minute it starts to go into classic "chip" territory.
theres some nice variations in here, i think this song needs to pick up in pace. It seems to drag on in some sections because its going so slow.
The kind of breakdown part at the end would work better if the rest of the song was faster too.

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