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Colecomusic's Profile / Colecomusic's Profile

Coleco Music is about the search for creative spaces in playful contexts. Using low fi synths in order to deconstruct their synth pop, new wave and electro influences; his unique 8bit sound has been described as "The kind of down tempo keyboard music that makes you think of Soft Cell or Gary Numan ... if they played a lot of Atari".
The debut EP, Confessions in a chatroom, was released through 8bitpeoples netlabel. His songs were also included in the Gamewave Podcast Compilation Vol 1 of the Pterodactyl Squad label .
Live sets combine gameboys, synthesizers, little toy keyboards and vocoders through an audio-visual offer that recaptures pixel's minismalism.
Together with Neotericz and Romiko Tchan took part in the organization of Goto Start Festival, whose main purpose was to introduce the emergent Argentinian 8bit movement. Also intervened in the international event Dial-A-Diva, which joins annually artists and listeners using only telephonic calls.
Coleco Music has been remixed by Julian Murias, Mäuss, Neotericz, Tecnoman SF and LovevoI / Colecomusic's Profile