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Poppy's Adventure / Music / daisy's music / Poppy's Adventure

Poppy's Adventure

By daisy on Apr 9, 2010 3:17 pm

Hi, my first submission here.  This is about my hamster and her adventures when she escapes from the cage.

I used ACID + Sibelius + Cubase with Quadrasid, Plogue Chipsounds, various tweakbench plugins and samples

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

This was a fun listen!

cool, thanks for the ace criticism smile i'll bear those things in mind

the rhythms are really fun ~.30; i like the 'whnnnnnnaa' at .42 big_smile 

this covers quite a lot of ideas which is fun, although for me it's not quite clear how sections relate to each other, and feels a little like a number of ideas put next to each other; i think it might help to try to guide the listener more deliberately through different ideas, different paces, building up to energetic parts, etc. to help manage the variety

for example, from start to .22 is intro, establishes a melody (does other melody material relate to this? i couldn't quite tell); from .22-.42 is some nice rhythms, picks up some speed, but then from .42-1.00 this is sort of dropped but still feels like a build up and i'm starting to get a bit lost, forgetting what i heard before; then finally at ~1.00 main melody instrument introduced then 1.13 melody enters -- ..

i love the change into the section from 3.20 big_smile sounds really nice, the contrast works really well there smile thanks for posting big_smile

I really like the first half, the second part with the vocals and the frantic beat/arps isn't my cup of music. However, I admire the attention to detail and arrangement that went into this, very well crafted. Looking forward to more smile

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