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Digital Raindrop

Digital Raindrop

By donotrunwithpixels on Feb 26, 2010 4:04 am

Just gettin used to nl2.3, which I bought mainly for my breaks/chillout project Kinetic Monkey. Finally got something I'm starting to be happy with, after many a "Down, A... No! F**K!... UP, A, UP, A, UP, A, UP, A!!!!!!" moment (I'm sure other nl users will stroke their beards in mutual commiseration).

This is my DSlite, plugged straight into the computer, with added delay and reverb.

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Thanks, Cactus!

This is very nice and laid back. I also enjoy the chillness!

Thanks! I love how easy it is with nanoloop to get loose rhythms going with the delay function, meaning that you can get really laid back grooves.

i love how chill this is. ;D!

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