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Dualtrax & Artfx! - Super RobCo Disco Battle / Music / dualtrax's music / Dualtrax & Artfx! - Super RobCo Disco Battle

Dualtrax & Artfx! - Super RobCo Disco Battle

By dualtrax on Jul 23, 2013 11:06 am

Pump up the volume!

Super RobCo Disco Battle started as a Sunday afternoon project in mid-June 2013. The idea was to create a classic arcade battle melody spiced up with a techy Disco groove. It took around half a day to compose the basic melodies and two more studio sessions with Artfx! (@artfx) to pimp it up with a jumpy Sega bassline, self-made arcade sound effects, additional Disco percussions & an awesome mastering.

The name of the track is a reference to the computer/console game Fallout & and is especially dedicated to the legendary “RobCo Industries” corporation, one of the biggest & most influential computer and robotics corporations in the (future) United States of America. Just imagine Mr. Handy & Yes Man fighting a deadly “John Travolta style” Disco battle in front of a Nuka Cola vending machine. Makes perfect sense, huh? smile

An early beta version of the track has been released in issue #14 of the weekly Chiptune Podcast “This Week in Chiptune” by DJ Cutman (@djcutman).

Super RobCo Disco Battle was created using Renoise ( & Cubase ( The lead and some of the bass samples are from the NES & the Sega Mega Drive. The Chiptune arps have entirely been designed in Renoise.

Cover Artwork by
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