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By ecce homo on May 29, 2014 10:16 am

I usually do really melodic stuff, not the real glitchy bleep-bloop kind of thing. However, this track was sort of an experiment. I let MilyTracker loop and inputted random notes live, then listened and adjusted, making an arrangement from the chaos. Hope you enjoy this little loopses.

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Wow thanks guys smile

I also get the robot feeling from this song big_smile This would be a perfect track for a modern 8bit style game smile

Like Imaginary said, it sounds like a character creation/ selection screen of some kind, and I like it! The drums could have been louder, but that's pretty much the only flaw I see. Great work!

I don't know why, but this kind of sounds like a record you would find in Minecraft...

Thanks guys!

Grooovy. haha
Yeah I like the feel of this song. I really like it around 1:00, it reminds me of some song off of the Terminator.

Very cool, low key kind of jam. It has a "Modify your robot fighter out of the available parts" kind of feel. Or maybe a character creation screen kind of thing.

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