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Stone Hands Dragon Feet / Music / electrophrenic's music / Stone Hands Dragon Feet

Stone Hands Dragon Feet

By electrophrenic on Mar 15, 2010 2:02 am

So this is my first tune using LSDJ exclusively.  I've been using various trackers for years, but just got my hands on Little Sound DJ a few days ago and completely fell in love.  And naturally I couldn't help but immediately patch the Amen (Brother) and Lynn Collins (Think) as my first (of potentially many) custom kits to satisfy my jungle obsession, and my obsession with sample offset mangling/granular resynthesis via the tracker's commands.  I'm currently using BGB for emulating the gameboy on XP.  I also rendered this via Sound Forge in realtime.  Which is giving me problems with mp3 encoding, apparently 8 bit audio doesn't covert well to mp3, regardless of kbps.  If anyone has any advice on getting a clean render, please drop me a line.  Also if there's any lsdj composers that know where I can get my hands on some rewritable carts and a gb/gba linker I would be extremely grateful for any ideas you guys can throw my way.  All the manufacturers seemed to have scattered, I'm assuming because of Nintendo's legalities.  Anyways, here's the track,, thx for checking out my satirical sounds.  Enjoy! 

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