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Epichunt's Profile / Epichunt's Profile

Described as a "younger, more enthusiastic Basshunter" (BBC Norfolk), epichunt is 15 year old Paul Snow, who creates electronic music with a twist. Performed using only two Nintendo Gameboys, Epichunt creates emotional yet danceable electro with occasional breakcore influences.

The youngest artist ever to play the UEA LCR, his music contains bittersweet tales of lost lovers, rhythms infectious enough to set any dancefloor on fire and sometimes joy-filled pop, sweet enough to make your heart melt.

He rips the Gameboys apart and makes them sing, dance and cry in a blend of influences ranging from Deamau5 to Daft Punk to the Tetris, Donkey Kong or Mario Brothers soundtrack.

Over a one year period he has self released two albums, provided remixes for influential artists such as La Roux and Ne-Yo and has been booked for shows in Newcastle, Blackpool and Norwich. / Epichunt's Profile