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Amnesiac (SNES)

By fluidvolt on Sep 21, 2013 7:48 pm

'nother track for that VG project I'm working on; naturally, that means a mix of SNES-y goodness whipped up with some subtractive synthesis to help color things up a bit. Also proud of the five-measure phrase in there, which hopefully fits in organically.

I'd love to know what you guys think, I'm wondering whether the subtractive synthesis is fitting in with the SNES action well, if at all.

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*meant* woops...

This song has a relaxed nature, but fully manages to carry itself as if it where mean for a narrative scene. Its also very memorable, and has that special haunt to it that most of your other work has. Not haunt as in scary, but the peaceful feeling one may have while walking threw a lofty house/building by yourself, on a day that the sky is blanketed in white. Its not a stormy day, but a clam one.
Very nice work as usual!
(Oh also sorry I haven't sent anything in awhile, I have been very busy lately, not much of a chance to do much.)

irrlichtproject: Haha, wow! Can you believe I've never heard of Can? I'm listening to what I can find on Youtube and man, they're sounding fantastic! Especially digging the minimalist/world music elements they've got going on -- and the blues core is always welcome of course wink . Thanks for the enlightenment irrlicht, and I'm glad you enjoyed this!.. and you too yoshitohinton!


also, harmony-wise it somehow reminds me of good old krautrock stuff, can especially

lovely stuff, simply great smile heart

Thanks dudes!

Jakim: Good to hear; I really wanted some heartfelt emotion to come through there, but wasn't sure if it was making it across. So I'm glad!

Jredd: Awesome! Literally two of my favorite games right there.

Sounds pretty cool, reminds of something like Yoshi's Island fused with Earth Bound somehow. smile

Lovely beginning, it touches me wink. Very delightful and mellow composition. Smoothness all the time.

I have to admit I didn't expected that wink.

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