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The Cat's Curse (VRC7) / Music / fluidvolt's music / The Cat's Curse (VRC7)

The Cat's Curse (VRC7)

By fluidvolt on Jul 4, 2013 12:53 pm

Haven't posted anything here in a long time. This is something a little different, for me at least. It's programmatic music: what I've done is set the beginning of a fairy tale named "Prince Hyacinth and the Dear Little Princess" to music.

(You can read the story here: )

I am taking liberties with the "libretto" however, you'll notice in the fairy tale there's no explicit lullaby scene, nor lengthy oracle scene, etc.. Here are the bullet points of the story depicted so far, and corresponding time stamps for those who'd like to know how things line up:

:00 -- The King learns, by way of an oracle, that the Princess is under a curse--reversable only if he can step on her cat's tail; the King reflects on his love.
:43 -- The King tries stomping the Cat's tail however he can, to no avail.
1:25 -- The Princess, unaware of the whole ordeal, sings an old familial lullaby, finally coaxing the Cat to sleep.

All of the characters have their own corresponding instruments as well. For example, the Princess gets two: the twinkly recurring toy piano, and a lovely little sine-wave voice during her lullaby. The main driving factor when writing this was seeing whether or not VRC7 could be as elastic as I wanted it to when it comes to arrangement, turns out it's plenty flexible.

Let me know what you guys think.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial Share Alike (BY-NC-SA)

Incredible as always! big_smile Masterful use of the VRC7, and it's great to see somebody writing programmatic music (as a fan of the concept myself)

This is amazing

Quite the interesting piece. Glad to see you keeping up with the great VRC7 experiments! Whether this song is one hundred percent yours or not I must say it holds that ominous , yet peaceful and comforting , nature that I've come to see in you work. Keep in touch I "May" have something in mind later down the road, however things are MUCH to early to bother you about it now. I'm just putting it out there for knowings sake. ;3  Keep up the great work!!!

Wow, the sounds you're pulling out of the VRC7 are great! Very unique. Keep it coming!

Thanks dudes, glad you all are enjoying it! I'll be writing a full adaption of this story so stay tuned for more songs, or maybe an EP of this? I dunno.

@_133: Hmm, I think you may be... The Princess' voice is only heard at 1:25 - 1:32--the sine wave. She mostly speaks via her toy piano, and maybe the music box in the last third. If you're talking about the gruff, awkward horn-like voice like at :33-37, or at the end, that's the nervously infatuated King, haha. Or perhaps you're talking about something else? I'm glad you're diggin' it either way.

psychedelic dude! smile

sick vrc7 work i heart this xox

Love it! I think the Princess's voice should be less deep...But that's just me. I could be misinterpreting what is the Princess's voice too.

Keep it up smile

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