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The Gusts of Aeolus (2A03) / Music / fluidvolt's music / The Gusts of Aeolus (2A03)

The Gusts of Aeolus (2A03)

By fluidvolt on Apr 30, 2012 6:24 pm

Pretty proud of this one; 1 part shmup, 2 parts jazz waltz, 1 part folk/post rock hybrid? It goes all over the place is what I'm sayin'.

This submission is licensed by author under CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)

I heard this when I updated famitracker. Whatever you did to get it in the demo songs, good job. Great song.

Excellent piece. I really like the rapid changes of moods.

This is straight-up fantastic!  I can't believe it's just 2A03 - there's a ton going on.  gyms' slower ending version sounds interesting.  I'd kinda like to hear a slower, more drawn-out ending.

geez I gotta say, today when I finished my calc final I listened to this and dance-walked down the sidewalk.

Awesome work. Excellent composition and dynamics smile

gyms: ha, that's not a bad idea. A more avant-garde ending.
SuperSega64: thanks! That was actually one of the main goals of the composition, I'm glad it succeeded.

so dynamic! I LOVE it! I feel like you've caressed every detail as would a mother giving suckle to a new-born baby! well done!

doh, haha! Yea I've totally been listening to everything on the beta. When the not-so-intended slow part came up, I thought is was an intentional kind of jerking-you-away-from-the-flow kind of thing. Kind of of like making you slow down and take in all these slow movements, telling a story. It totally worker either way : P

Oh yeah, Rainwarrior mentioned that if you use the beta version it interprets a F1D as a tempo change rather than a speed change, so when it speeds back up it will play really slow in the beta, but not .3.7. Apparently the cutoff between speed and tempo change with Fxx was changed in one of the betas for no real reason? I'm surprised it still sounds somewhat good even when it's way slower than I intended haha.

Oh, this is weird. Starting at 2:42, when I originally listened to the ftm, it was REALLY slow at that part. It actually made the song like a minute and a half longer. I listened to this multiple times and it was always the same. So strange, I wonder what happened on my end! It's funny how it wasn't intended to be slow there at all, but still sounded amazing.

Thanks, I'm surprised it did as well as it did! Condensed, what do you mean? You mean the description? 'Cause I didn't do anything to the song except normalize it. Maybe I'm missing something obvious...

Wow, you condensed this version quite a bit. Congrats on 2nd, Kulor was a tough opponent!

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