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I believe GB Zero runs Retro Pi, in which case here is a list of supported systems and associated emulators:

https://github.com/RetroPie/RetroPie-Se … ed-Systems

There seem to be several MAME emulators, but not sure how well it would run myself. But it seems possible.

Thank you so much! It was quite a bit of work, took most of November writing it from "scratch" using React and Gatsby.

Kabar wrote:

so this basically grabs every song uploaded to Chipmusic.org and throws them into a shuffled playlist?

Correct! Or rather, every song uploaded until ~June 2017 when I initially grabbed the index. Refreshing the index with all the music since then is one of the final check list items I have before launching for real. (Songs also have to be licensed correctly to allow reuse, or they get skipped when playing.)

Kabar wrote:

also, love the addition of adding random gifs to each track.

Thanks! Right now they're hardcoded to be "pixel art" GIFs from Giphy, but a future update will let you specify your own tags. big_smile So the visualizer could be 100% "yuyu hakasho" GIFs if you wanted.

Sorry! I've been beta testing it a bit and still need to add favoriting.

But if you're OK with that not working you can try the beta out here! https://staging.chipmusic.fm

Sorry again for the delay, I want it to be as good as can be when it comes out for real.

Yup, everyone has their reasons and that's cool. I dig FOSS like OP tho. tongue

Man I wish LSDJ was GPL or MPL...

Edit- I fully support developers making a living though! Just saying hypothetically, a world where LSDJ were open source would be a better one.


~1 week


Hey so unfortunately .fm domain names are $100/year, and I'm unable to renew it for the time being.

Apologies again (and also that the redesign is taking so long.)

Will hopefully have better news in a couple weeks.

New UI powered by Giphy and Concrete coming soon. big_smile

This was broken for a little bit (dunno how long) due to CMO switching to AWS for music hosting. I updated the URLs in my database so now we're all good.

The biggest benefit to come out of this is that CMFM now stays HTTPS, which is just better in general but should lead to prompts on Android to install to homescreen (if you prefer.)

I'll just change it on my side then if that's alright. smile No worries.

Edit- Your two songs have been updated on my side to be "2017 Creative Commons CC Attribution Noncommercial No Derivative Works (BY-NC-ND)". They should now show up randomly for people. tongue

If you make them CC here I can manually make that change on CM.fm for you, no need to resubmit if you don't want. smile

So happy to hear it's been useful for you. big_smile

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

Protip: there are keyboard shortcuts. Shift+D to download, ← to skip back, Space to play/pause, → to skip forward, Shift+L to like, and V to view the current song on ChipMusic.org.

Changes coming this weekend when I can work on this some more:

- Next song autoplay on mobile (desktop already does)
- Better queuing behavior
- Ability to un-like songs from the dialog
- Ability to play liked songs and songs in history right from the dialog
- Song title and artist in the tab title
- Clearer offline state

Some future things I want do to:

- Notifications with media controls
- Dark theme
- Playlists
- Automatically store certain playlists and liked songs offline
- Apps for all da OSes
- Optional full-page visualizer
- Updating the URL with the current song for easy sharing

Once again thank you for all the comments. I'm super excited people like this and are using it. smile

defensem3ch wrote:

hey this is a really great idea! my tunes aren't creative commons (yet) but please include them! smile
http://chipmusic.org/defensem3ch/music/ … nism---wow

Unfortunately I don't think I can filter special cases like this... I also don't have it setup to sync changes to old songs... sad

Thanks so much guys! Your posts are super encouraging. big_smile

oscillating wrote:

I dig it. Maybe add an automatically starting next song function, instead of having to press play.

It does on desktop, but mobile browsers have a restriction around it.

But I have a workaround that's almost ready that will get around it. heart

Thanks guys! smile

Hey guys. A few weeks ago I wanted a way to listen to sequential songs on here, as well as an easier way to discover random new tunes. So I made a ChipMusic web app.

The beta is available here: https://chipmusic.fm (latest Chrome, Opera or Firefox needed, for now)

I hope this was OK. I was mostly just scratching my own itch and I'm hoping I didn't step on any toes in the process. This wouldn't have been able to get off the ground at all if this site didn't have such an amazingly complete RSS feed, or songs licensed under CC. You guys all rule. smile

I'll write a blog post later about how I made it if anyone's interested in that. Mostly just vanilla JS and Firebase.

If you find any problems please post ITT. It's a bit janky right now but has all the basic features. If you use Chrome on Android you can install it to your homescreen for a better experience, too.



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Thanks for the update man!

Hope things are straightened out going forward for Josh.