Sorry if this has been discussed to death, but I can't seem to find any of the old threads about it.

Years ago there was talk of someone manufacturing new replacement dmg screens to deal with the problem that they are all old and often broken now. Did that ever end up happening?

It's possible that your DMG isn't in the best condition. It might need new capacitors. Old caps can cause all sorts of noise.

9-Heart wrote:

Have u tried out new batteries?

Yes. It's been a consistent problem.

I can't stop listening to this slap bass track. MOAR NAOW

Thanks. It's pretty dramatic. Enough that I have to manually adjust the contrast. There are other problems with this dmg so I'm not that worried about it. It's just annoying. Maybe i'll try replacing some of the caps.


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Man, just so great. This made me pick up my DMG today.

Is there any way to even out the power usage in a backlit DMG? I have a problem where the screen contrast changes dramatically when it's playing vs silent. I assume this is power related though I'll admit I haven't gotten out the multimeter.

That's so sick. I'm going to have to actually play with that when I get home.


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I have a working table form.

I've been sick and have three young kids so my time is limited but I'm still plugging away at it.


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SketchMan3 wrote: i've found to have a nice form for recording patches.

That looks really good. It's lacking a few features I'd like to see however.

  • the ability to draw wave forms for WAV instruments

  • open source (which probably no one else cares about)

  • the ability to make collections of instruments to be able to showcase all instruments used in a song

  • the ability to upload a sample sound file

  • the ability to have multiple tables for an instrument

  • the ability to export patchsets as a pdf or image or csv for offline use and archiving

It does look like they plan to add famitracker patches which some people might like, but I don't currently use that so I don't care.

Do you have any idea if it's under active development?


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I guess "This weekend" was rather optimistic :-P I am still working on this but my time is fairly limited. I'll try to work on it some more tonight.

My intent is to have the forms look exactly like the LSDJ screens where the information is entered. The first version will probably have very ugly looking and basic forms though as a proof of concept.


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When I get it into a more complete state, I'll be hosting it and I'll post the URL. There is a lot of groundwork but not much that's usable for a user yet. But if you check out the repo and you install django you can run a test with ./ runserver

omg, yes. I'm super paranoid about my lsdj cart but having to get my laptop out sucks.


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Dire Hit wrote:

Just throwing ideas out here, but maybe give an ability to upload short audio files as a preview?

Also a great idea.


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I've got a basic schema layout for instruments. I'll be improving it soon though. You can follow development here.

I'll post again when I have it running on my server.


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JodyBigfoot wrote:

Something simple like this, where there is just the boxes to type up what you did in the DMG would be cool. and yeah the HTML would be a doddle for anyone who speaks HTML.

I would happily sit down every few months and add my synths to the collection, my only request would be that there is a nice big box for describing the synth with all sorts of adjectives, so when searching for sounds you can type in words like "growl" or "voicey" or "sub" to find the right synths, if it ever grows to a large database that would be cool.

imagine getting a song nearly finished but thinking, hmmmm I need a synth that sounds like a kitten singing in the shower and you type in "kitten" and get a kitten style synth, that would be great

Great idea. I'll be sure to add a tag system.