Thank you for the recommendations, gonna check out coursera and try to pick up a small usb-midi keyboard controller for PC.
Also, Imaginary, I have listened to your music and I find the improvement amazing! Thank you for the heads-up!

Hi guys, it's me again.
I have recently made another arrange, here it is:
I want to know, where can I study basic composition in general and what can I improve in this particular arrange?
And also, let me know what do you think about the track, thanks!

So, yeah.
I'm very new to chiptunes, this is my first track after messing around with LSDJ.
Recorded from non-modded GBC, so the sound might not be good at all.
Any criticism and advice is helpful, thank you in advance. … -ever-been

Since this looks like a thread about backlights, let me ask a question:
What resistor should I use with my Kitsch GBC frontlight to have low-to-medium luminance and medium-to-high battery life.
Thanks for the input beforehand and sorry if my English is kind of clunky, it's not my native language.