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Hey guys, love using Picoloop.

Would love to use it via Midi with my Xbox Controller.

Which program controller for PC to midi do you guys recomend for use with picoloop?


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I have a "normal" CF card, but no flashcart for the 3DS.

I was hoping to load it from my Mac with an USB cable or via WIFI (connecting devices etc)


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   Is there a way to load LSDJ in a nin 3ds?

I've looked and the latest I could find was a loader for an emulator along the LSDJ for a DS, dated sometime in 2013, and the guy saying that most likely someone would patch it out for the 3ds soon.

  I really don't want to buy something else if with what I have can use it and at the moment it's impossible for me to get a hold of a GB or a cartridge.