Hi again, sorry if making a new post for this is annoying sad I have spent days trying to find the answer to these questions with no luck. Please know, yes I have read the manual, twice.

1) Duty cycle, waveforms, timers:
I see nowhere to change the duty cycle/ pulse width modulation in MaXYmiser, and, nowhere to specify common waveforms, sawtooth, triangle, sine... I am assuming I have to do this manually with the "timer" sequence? I have been playing with the timer in the sequence editor all afternoon and I just can't work out what's going on! I've worked out that using one value for the upper half the entire sequence and another value for the lower half makes what sounds like a perfect square wave. That's about it. In fact, I am really confused about the timer sequence as a whole, which I'm guessing is more to do with my fundamental lack of knowledge about music synthesis. Like why does timer have to be there with SID, I don't even really understand what SID means. It was the c64 that had SID right? I don't understand what we are doing by choosing 01 05, are they 2 waveforms or something? What effect would a timer sequence have on an instrument with 01 00 in the mix sequence? What even is buzzer and syncbuzzer? I'm failing with the terminology. Sorry for being dumb sad

2) BPM:
So I noticed that changing the speed doesn't allow for precise control over the BPM so I increased the ticks in the box below to get 130 BPM. Something about this feels wrong, did I do it wrong? Am I right in thinking that playing with these settings will change the "groove"? (like LSDJ)

3) Making percussion and fixed frequency:
I have made basic bass and snare drum by ripping off the values in some other song I could open but I'm not sure I understand what's going on well enough to customize them. The mix sequence seems to have both square and noise? 01 00, then 10 00 and even 11 00 at the end. This makes me think the drum sound is made partially of a square wave like how you can make a kick drum in the pulse channel on LSDJ? I thought changing the note would let me see this but I think it's meant to be fixed, so I looked at the fixed frequency sequence and understand that these values are frequencies but how? Why does 0E EE = note C1?

4) Hop and kill?
How can I "hop" to the next pattern to make a waltz? And I see these rectangles that look like they mean "play nothing" how do I insert those?

Thankyouuuuu so much smile


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Ok thanks, so there is no way for me to open up .sndh in a tracker to see how they were made?


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Hi >.< I am "re- hijacking" this thread tongue sorry! Thanks to you guys I am now up and running making music on Maxymiser, but it doesn't seem to want to load any .sndhs.

It will load .sndhs that I myself have saved, and it will load all other .snds but sndhs that I download off archives etc, it just says disk op failed (file).


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Thanks again people big_smile I guess for me it is just a steep learning curve. I am determined to master this eventually though. I have indeed read the manual, I think I am just not used to Atari controls. Well at least I can make it make a sound now, and I am running STE instead of ST emulator. I love this forum because everyone is kind and helpful! No doubt I will probably need to post again in the future to ask about SID and Digidrums, but I think I am a long way from that yet hmm x


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OMG THANK YOU it has finally made a sound. You were right I needed to have 01 instead of 05 as the last digit in the mix sequence (not that I understand what that means or why) I still have loads more questions though:

I read something saying that I won't even be able to use the 2 sample channels unless I have an Atari STE (I only have Steem which is an ST emulator I think?) Is this true?

When I press space bar it doesn't go grey it goes like, with pink lines in between the green bit? I can press computer keyboard keys to enter notes, but is there a way I can edit the notes manually like what octave they are and stuff? I'm sorry for such basic questions but I have been trying for hours and none of it seems obvious at all!


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Wow argh >.< Thanks so much for your replies guys but it's still going straight over my head. I followed the instructions in the manual exactly, I have 1 in mix, 2 in vol, and 3 in Tim. The Mix sequence has nothing but a single value 05 at the end. The vol sequence legnth is 06, the repeat is 05, the actual sequence goes 0f 0e 0d 0c 0b 0a (I am assuming this is just a short fade out). The Tim sequences legnth is 10, the repeat is 00, the actual sequence is 08 0a 0d 0e 0f 0e 0d 0a 08 05 02 01 00 01 02 05 08.

I see no notes in the channel sections. The only way I have found to enter notes is to press record song and then mash my computer keyboard. I'm sorry that I am such a noob at this, also when I try to save the instrument it just says failed. I have never used an atari emulator before now sad

THANKS FOR THE LINK, if there are any more resources to do with maxymiser please let me know, it seems ridiculously hard to find on google. Alternatively, if you think I should be using something else to make music for Atari please let me know that too.. x


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Hi :3 I usually use LSDJ and have been wanting to learn to make music for other platforms, namely, the Atari ST. I only have a PC so I have installed the Steem Emulator and am running maxYMiser for the first time. I have been reading the manuals that come both with MaxYMiser and Steem.

I can't even get the damn thing to make a sound. I swear I have set up an instrument correctly and have got notes entered into the channels but I play the song and hear nothing. Other Atari games and programs make a sound fine so I am assuming the problem is with me. All these tutorials seem to assume I know the basics of this program already! Please help, it's soul destroying! X


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GUYS IVE FOUND IT! Thank you for helping! Jefftheworld, your reply made me go through every single folder on my device. it was hidden in an obscure place. I had previously only looked in most folders and used the search function which returned nothing.

Wtf is the point in having a search function that doesnt work? I have literally typed in the name of the file and it doesnt come up with it even though i know its there now... I never thought id say this but im missing windows.


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Unfortunately I am in hospital for a while and dont have access to my pc. I guess the question is, is it safe/ worth carrying on with the song on my android device? Where are the save states stored? I could move them and run the emulator just to make sure what im seeing is a .sav being loaded and nothing else, at least then i know it can be sorted/ transferred at a later date.


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Okay update, i took the plunge after having screenshotted every damn phrase and closed the app, i made sure i un checked the option to load save states automatically. Loaded the app back up and the rom, my song is still there.. Its not a save state, So there MUST be a .sav somewhere, i just still cant find it. Im running kitkat 4.4.2


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Actually... I don't yet know if my song will still load... You see, I've been working on this song for a good few days (tablet has been on constantly) so I'm terrified of closing it now. I guess i really should have tested it with a few notes first. I am a stupid cat. Suggestions?

Oh and my sd card is brand new bought last week.

I am using " my old boy" emulator for android.. Not using save states, been saving correctly, but i cant seem to find my .sav file anywhere on the device, its not in the folder with the rom, i have done a search, nothing! *panic*


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The One Electronic wrote:

Use a P command between the two notes.  Depending on how long you want it to take you can use a series of P## and P00 to stretch it out even longer.

Thank you this gets me closer to what I want but I am confused about where to put the p commands and what you mean by using a series of p## and p00 to stretch it out even longer.

Jellica wrote:

does vib type setting on the instrument screen have an effect on the speed of L commands as well? I cant remember.

This is really interesting I always wondered what the vib type setting did cause I couldn't hear the difference. I tried it with the L command and it produces the correct sound that I want but now the bend STARTS on the note that I wanted it to end with and I can't seem to tell it where to end either, maybe this is me not knowing where I should be placing the commands but I have tried to fix it myself to no avail.


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Hi again all, I have been using the L command with success to bend up and down between notes but now I'm stuck trying to make a very long bend, I have put note a4 on step 0 (pulse channel) and note b4 on step F. In the command column for step F I have inserted L01. I have tried playing with this value but can't achieve the effect I want, which is a very slow bend from the a note to the b note. Can anyone help? Thanks again. X


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Thanks so much guys you are really helpful! X


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Again I'm sorry for posting annoying questions (for the record I HAVE read the manual).

I'm no music tech pro but when I used to have a keyboard there was an effect on it called "phaser". The pitch of the note stayed the same but the sound panned from sort of... shallow to deep. The best way to describe it is if you sing a note with your mouth in an "eeee" shape, keep singing the note then gradually change your mouth to an "ah" shape, then a "ow" shape then an "oooo" shape.

Anybody have any suggestions on the best way to replicate this effect in LSDJ? Thanks guys. X