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created discord server: https://discord.gg/CE22HNNk5y


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Just tested on android retroarch+picodrive core. Works (even better when overclocked) and saves fine :3


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It is in C. Assembly etc goes from SGDK.
Compilation is as in any other SGDK projects. https://github.com/Stephane-D/SGDK/wiki … stallation


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Diagamblic wrote:

I've created a spreadsheet that can convert Deflemask instrument values to MD tracker!
I'd like to share it with you all in case you find it helpful while testing:
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing

The only instrument so far that I've been able to MOSTLY faithfully reproduce is a kick drum - by moving around the release value on OP3. I've included the kick drum instruments (among others instruments).

Since Deflemask is pretty accurate on actual hardware playback - I'm thinking there are still some tweaks that need to be done on the instruments in MD Tracker.

2) Everdrive v7 at the moment corrupts save state data on a Non TMSS Model 1. And SRAM doesn't work.
HOWEVER - Saves States seem to work on my Model 1 TMSS model.

3) I haven't been able to get any effects working (vibrato, porta, etc). I'm not sure it's me or the program however.

Corthax - would you consider setting up a Discord for the program? There has to be an easier way to catalogue errors and share wips.

1. - MD tracker is not based on Deflemask. Some values are flipped to make more sense going from 0 to max like the most of others.
AMS/FMS are flipped WHOOOPS smile wrong docs to blame again...

2. - Everdrive X7 has 256Kb (S)RAM, but thats all I know. IDK how it's really handled by flashcart, maybe only supported to read/write to SD is 64Kb.

3. - If there is less than 256Kb of real (S)RAM, nothing will work.


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now opensourced https://github.com/corthax/mdtracker


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Well. Seems that 68K cannot run current logic fast enough, when trying to write instrument changes at all channels at the same time. More stable timer not helping much here.
Overclocking can fix that, but thats not realistic.


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INFU wrote:

-Playing multiple patterns at once slows down playback

Yeah, thats known issue... I'm using hBlank counter for sync, and at high load it's not guaranteed.
The only rock-solid tempo source is YM2612 timer, but polling it will degrade DAC playback quality a lot. Trying to find better solution...


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INFU wrote:

I wanted to say I absolutely love this tracker and I'd be happy to see it grow, and I would be happy to help!

I found couple bugs while using 0.15b on Kega Fusion emulator (dunno if it's the recommended one):
-Sometimes pressing B+UP on Song screen during playback freezes tracker and destroys the save (divide by zero error screen)

Kega Fusion, if I remember correctly, cannot save large SRAM files.
The only BlastEm support that.


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Diagamblic wrote:

I couldn't find a volume column.

volume (attenuation) is separate effect (41)


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As for sound bug.
Can you trigger a note on a channel, and then place pattern with note OFF on all the channels and check if sound stops. Maybe its coming from the wrong channel...


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I mean all the patterns from first to last are empty.
And all the 255 instruments are default.

Without any save file.

Just check the last 380h pattern and the last FFh instrument, if everyhing is fine then idk... generated default data is correct.
But something is wrong when everdrive is trying to save or load the file.

Maybe it cannot be accessed in word mode...

All ever created games are using only byte accesss to sram, at even or odd adresses but never both.
But tracker reads and writes in word mode, otherwise we just wasting the half of sram and tracker will not be very usable, better just go for deflemask instead.
Or the only way to go would be Mega Everdrive Pro with 1MB sram, and even wasting the half of it by writing only to odd or even adresses - 512Kb is still more than enough for me.

I believe nothing is wrong with word access and it seems to work from the tracker/console side (and BlastEm). - if no junk is there and changing parameters, creating patterns, instruments etc. works fine.

But may not be implemented when everdrive is accessing save file on SD.
Or we need to enable it somehow? Maybe in rom header (usually it doesnt matter, but only krikzz knows...).


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The last things to make sure... at startup:
1) all the marix is empty.
2) all patterns - especialy last 400+, are empty, no random junk notes or commands
3) all instruments are the same default one.
If so - tracker 100% works. sram reads/writes in 16bit mode works and fully utilized without write wraps around the memory range.
Everdrive just doesnt save its contents to SD for some reason, or do it wrong.
But anyway... everything should stay in sram even after power off, if battery is not dead...


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I need someone to test it on different carts. PRO or MegaSD... or custom


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MazHoot wrote:

So I tested with 0.15b and it's the same first problem : generating module data at each start and it's empty :-(

Even if saving and loading manually?


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0.15b is out.
Now tracker is separated in few branches.
MD.Tracker X2 - 256Kb sram version with only 3 effects per row.
MD.Tracker X5 - 512Kb version.
X1 and X3 versions (128Kb and 384Kb) also planned

Default BPM is 120
Fixed wrong OP naming.
Added fast navigation by holding direction button.
Default save file with demo song (WIP).


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0.14b save is 512Kb, but X7 has only 256Kb memory available. Everdrive tries to write it resulting everything is corrupted.
Sound bug: seems that note OFF simply doesnt work at all for some reason, I need to investigate it.
BPM: saved in sram. Without propper loading it just sets to default.

I better to make new 256Kb sram tracker version for X7 testing.
Wait for 0.15b released in few days smile