Domu wrote:

are the YM patches directly compatible with the 4 op non-tx DX models? (DX100 in my case)
if not, how best to transfer such patches?

Hey Domu,

I guess the main incompatibility may be the SSG-Envelopes and Amplitude Modulation (AM). So if you load Sega Genesis / Mega Drive patches to your DX100, there may be differences with some instruments. SSG is a rather exotic feature though which is more useful for pads and fx, not widely used with most of the bread & butter sounds.

Anyway, here's how you get those sounds on your DX100:

- use VGM2PRE to rip sounds in vgm-format
- convert the vgm-files to opm-files with VGM2OPM (
- convert the opm-files to sysex using DXconvert
- now you can load the syx-files to your DX100 with any midi-dumping software

I only tested this with my DX7, but it should work with a DX100 as well.

herr_prof wrote:

Ah then if you aren't starting from scratch: … nvert.html

This one is perfect, thanks dude!

herr_prof wrote:

The synth is more compatible with the Yamaha TX81Z(4op vs 6op). You are probably better off trying to load one of the 200k+ Dx7 patches for it: … collection

Hey thanks, but I wanted to import instruments I created with VGM Music Maker and Deflemask over the years. I don't really need any more DX7 patches smile

Like the title said, I'm looking for a way to import a bunch of YM2612 instruments to my Yamaha DX7. Is there any way to accomplish this?

Does anyone in here know if there's a way to convert YM2612-instruments for usage with FB-01? Couldn't find any information on this...

Try out Deflemask and wrap your head around every corner of YM2612 and FM-synthesis.

chunter wrote:

Some people will keep making music whether there is a scene for it or not.

Lol, I can't even imagine having "real life" chiptune friends over here.

Hopefully a selfmade one I guess.


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animalstyle wrote:

When you have a volume column please let it change ONLY the volumes of heard TL levels (not the TL of the modulators).

There's no such behaviour in VGM Music Maker. The Volume Column only affects the carriers, not the modulators. But I can confirm that Deflemask is designed that way.

There're also some demofiles provided with the tracker, as well as some basic instruments.

@XyNo: No, it doesn't have anything to do with cTrix's project.


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CountSymphoniC wrote:

Also, I had a talk with Delek about having inter-compatibility between Deflemask and YMDJ, and he's agreed to it. So, at a later stage you'll be able to write Genesis music on Deflemask, and transfer all of your songs and FM patches over to YMDJ on a Nomad, and write on the go. Of course if you want to take a break from the handheld/Genesis environment you'll also be able to transfer your songs and instruments over to Deflemask as well! I, for one am definitely looking forward to adding support for this.

This is so good to hear man! Especially for me being someone who wants to completely get away from using PCs to make music. Keep up the good work smile

Russian developer Shiru just released a new tracker for creating SNES music:

Algorithm 4.

Soundwise, there are not many soundtracks to compete with Thunder Force 4! The whole soundtrack sound really fat and I think aside of panning, there are also a lot of layered instruments.
If you use Chipamp for playing vgm-files, you can simply mute individual channels and solo them, so you can get better grasp of what's going on in there.