You're a diamond, cheers.

Registered less than an hour ago and can't access profile, upon trying this is relayed:


An error was encountered

Page Not found (Error 404): The requested page profile/index/0x74560x7424s0x74240x74510x74520x6400x7439 could not be found.


Can upload music - although I encounter the same error page as above - however can't play it or open the information on the music page. It just acts as a dead link.

This probably has something to do with the characters used for my username, it isn't being recognized by your database and is therefore causing the problems. If there isn't any way to resolve this but editing the registry in the db, then just rename 'ᴠᴀsᴀᴛᴜʀᴏ' to 'vasaturo' - otherwise remove the account and I'll register again.

Much thanks.

EDIT: I was able to access my uploaded music upon clicking 'New Music' under my name, yet once accessed it no longer was unseen and the link under my name disappeared. Since I was able to access the page, it must be a pathing issue caused by the characters.