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Ah, true.  I'll work on that.

As for a DMC (samples, right?) player, it would be pretty easy if it could be wrapped into an NSF.  PPMCK could do that, and then you'd need to assemble it.  It might be tricky to roll that all into something that Alchemy could compile.  Hmm.  Let me think on that one.


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New update!  I've added a volume control and it remembers your volume preference between visits.

I'm thinking of adding play time in the next version.  Any ideas on where to put it?



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I think I'm going to stick with just the NSFE support.  Counting repetitions is kind of tough.  As far as I can tell, it involves either looking for loops in the 6502 code, or looking for loops in the audio stream.

I've been away from my computer for a couple of days, but look for more updates soon. smile


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Great news all!  Blargg gave me the code for the other expansion chips, so FlashNSF v0.4 now includes support MMC5, VRC7, and FDS. smile



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Woot! NSFEs now play for their set time, fade out and then play moves to the next track.  I also added some options for default play/fade times for NSF files too (see source).

I also found out that there is an unreleased version of GME (the playback routines I'm using) that supports MMC5, VRC7, and FDS!  See the discussion: http://nesdev.parodius.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?t=6396

I'm still waiting on a reply, but it looks promising.


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Heh, I guess my programmer genes are showing..  Fixed it.  Thanks!


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Thanks, an-cat-max! Looks fine to me smile


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Thanks for the ideas, bucky, I've worked them in. 

Ok, big look-n-feel update.  Colors and buttons sizes are now configurable.  Also NSFE display of track names, and playlists are included, but the player doesn't yet honor the NSFE play/fade times (still loops each track forever).

Still no time for documentation yet, but you can see the new params if you view source.



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@Flopps There is no .FLA It's written in straight AS3 and developed in FlashDevelop.  The build process is complicated too as it requires installing adobe alchemy and compiling the playback libs from command line using Cygwin.  I may release the source at some point, but right now I'm really enjoying working on the project myself and would like to keep creative control of it for the time being.  Maybe when it gets to a solid v1.0.  I have added a visualizer to the list now, thanks for the idea! smile

More progress with NSFE, all file information is properly parsed.   I'm still pondering how to lay it all out in the UI without it looking like WinAmp on your web page.


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I just found out that the blargg libs currently do not support MMC5 or VRC7, however VRC6, Namco, and FME-7 are supported as well as DPCM.

I've got a post in over as nesdev and we'll see if we can somehow get support for these other chips.

I've got NSFE's loading and playing locally here, but I don't have the track info integrated in yet.

Stay tuned.


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Thanks a bunch for the ideas, ui.

- I'd like to add NSFE support which I think should solve the loop/time feature.
- List of NSFs are on the list now
- Blargg's libraries already support DPCM and expansion chips.  woot!
- Author/Copyright are on the list now too.
- Well, there isn't an FLA.  I'm coding it in FlashDevelop.  But currently the art is scalable and I have it on the list now to be able to change the size and color scheme via flashvars.

Any other feature requests?


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@bucky,  I looked over Blargg's source and I can't find a way to easily turn off channels, but maybe we can get him to make the modification.  It looks possible, just probably something he should be doing.

@ui, yeah sure, it's available for use on your site.  Once things firm up a bit, I'll make a tutorial on how to add it to your page.  Or, if you're ambitious, just check the page's source code.  There are no other server file requirements beyond the .swf file.. and an nsf, of course.

Ok, so some updates.  The track select buttons are now limited to the number of tracks. It also displays the Title of the song, read from the .nsf.



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Yeah, pretty sweet, huh.

I just added buttons and basic track select support.  I didn't have any multi-tracks of my own handy, so I used Mega Man 3 for demonstration.  Same link.


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Hello all, I'm new here, but have been hanging out some on the IRC channel.

I just wanted to share a little project I've been working on:  Flash 10 playback of NSF files.

It's still really rudimentary and I can't take all the credit, because it uses Blargg's excellent band-limited playback c-libs.  I used Adobe Alchemy and some AS3 glue to get what you can see here:


So, I'm planning on expanding it, but would like some ideas on what a player should look like.

P.S. check out our website at http://p1xl.com/ and, buy our game if you own an iPhone wink