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Hella - Headless


Dude, what you've got is SICK.

What dmc samples did you use?


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I would recommend Little Sound Dj. It runs natively on a Gameboy, you can "buy" (you just have to donate at least $0.01) the ROM here http://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/ and run it on your Gameboy emulator of choice (BGB is a good one: http://bgb.bircd.org/). The interface will seem a little daunting at first, but watch some tutorials on YouTube and read through the manual a couple times (http://www.littlesounddj.com/lsd/latest … _4_6_6.pdf) and you'll be good. If you want to make music on an actual Gameboy you can buy a flash cartridge here http://nonelectronics.com/cartridges/ems64usb

Another good program to check out is FamiTracker (Windows). You can download it for free here http://famitracker.com/. It'd probably be easier to figure out for a beginner but it's a little less versatile IMO.

Also, here's an example of something made in LSDJ https://danimalcannon.bandcamp.com/album/roots and an example of something made in FamiTracker https://virt.bandcamp.com/album/shovel- … soundtrack

Just try different things until it sounds good. Maybe pick up a guitar or your musical instrument of choice and play along. If none of that works, take a break and come back to it later.

I'm interested in the PSPs, I'll PM you

I've been having the same problem lately, there's a lot of good advice in this thread. In my experience, sometimes coming up with a new part for a song is just trial and error, so don't be afraid to just try a bunch of things and see what sticks.

Yeah sorry about that, the links in the original post are broken now because I deleted and reuploaded the songs after a bit of tweaking and whatnot. I started using FamiTracker recently, and I think I'm just going to stick with it for the most part because it's much less frustrating than LSDJ can be. Anyway, here's a couple new songs I made in FamiTracker. I'm pretty proud of the second one especially.



I tweaked some of my old ones a bit and reuploaded them, if anyone's interested.

Thanks guys big_smile

I made a new thing, this time I tried to utilize the noise channel a lot more. https://soundcloud.com/rainbowgravity/bleep-bloop

I just recently started screwing around with LSDJ. Last night I made these two (very short and repetitive) tracks. I play bass and drums, so I have a pretty decent idea of composition and music theory and whatnot, but I'm a scrub at chiptune/LSDJ. Some CC would be greatly appreciated.

https://soundcloud.com/rainbowgravity/s … t-attempts

EDIT: Also, here's some even shittier stuff I made a while back https://soundcloud.com/rainbowgravity/s … r-attempts