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newest model, it's the only reason I'm selling it tbh.


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dropped price to market trend


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If you're going to DM, DM THIS account instead! I posted under the wrong account lol


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I don't think oliver made a nintendo boot version of the 1.7.6 rom. Why would you desire this?


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pselodux wrote:

You need to run the exe file from a command prompt window. I'm not sure how you launch that in Win8 though.

win+x hit "c" for console or "a" for admin console. type (with quotes) the following

cd "x:\path\to your\nlmidi\"

and run the commands from there

I love that what I do takes up less space than a card table unless I bring out a keyboard, it lets me do my thing wherever there are outlets and speakers big_smile


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There is/was ymdj/chaos tracker, but it's in development limbo.

yoyz2k wrote:

I use this cable from duality micro https://evadeanddualitymicro.bandcamp.c … slave-mode

I'll definitely consider just buying a cable if I don't have anything to experiment with. I'm thinking about just coding up a bit of perfboard so I can have a CV split and a MIDI split, but if it doesn't work out, buying a thing might be my best option.

I think I need to rebuild my midi cable (daaaammmmiiittttt) because what's happening for me on midi is roughly the same. I get the same sync issues on MIDI that you had on CV, but I also have an issue where the volca just STOPS PLAYING out of nowhere.


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yeah, this is really going to be a fantastic addition to the nanoloop family imo.


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pselodux wrote:

yeah 2.0.1 seems cool (that was the 8 channel one, right?) but without sync it's not much use!

8 channels, the instruments are set per pattern instead of per step like 2.2+ and iirc you could sync between 2.0.1/2.1 and another copy, but not higher. You could automate the filter on all channels, which was cool but eh. You'd have to be crazy to use it now imo. especially since I sold all 4 of my 2.0.1/2.1 carts and I have a lot of patience lol


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GLOOMS wrote:
pselodux wrote:

oh, excellent! I didn't see your earlier reply somehow but that sounds perfect. Sometimes the gb noise comes in handy, but sometimes I like it a bit softer for EBM snares big_smile

Sounds like it'd be a really good match for nanoloop 2. I've been kinda wanting to get some more acidy tones out of nanoloop!

Have you tried getting your hands on a nl 2.0.1 cart . You can make tb 303 like acid sounds with this version but lacks sync options and is hard to make good drums for me at least

I've had multiple copies of 2.0.1 and 2.1 and the noises you could make were pretty cool but I prefer having more step-to-step automation and I couldn't do drums at all


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herr_prof wrote:

Just pointing out that volca samples are cheaper!

yup. I'm fully aware. It's a question of convenience over going through paypal and then trying to transfer out of so I can buy on amazon because amazon doesn't do paypal and blah blah blah blah blah. If it gets picked up from CL I can go to GC and get it same-day. then. Last offer I got from CL was a stupid cheque  scammer


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Trade and Price update. 200USD+Shipping OR a Volca Sample


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video example to show it's working just fine