This whole project just strikes me as odd. It's really nice to see that they went for a design that doesn't use a SOAC, however:

-The board is beautiful, but it's hidden inside the case
-The case itself looks rather generic
-They went to extensive lengths to make a bespoke console that has none of the nostalgic styling of an NES, but are still using stock controllers
-It will probably sound identical to a stock unit, but possibly with less noise....though the noise is some of the appeal
-They don't mention any significant changes to the PCB design other than their 'special features' so I don't see it being much different from stock performance wise

Now I'm sure this will appeal to some people, and I'm sure a lot of love and exacting detail went into this thing, but it just doesn't seem very appealing as a product. I just feel like for the price they could have done a LOT more design wise. Plus, that PCB is gorgeous! Put a window in the case and show it off!

By all means though, if somebody thinks this is the coolest thing, I'll never tell them they're wrong for picking it up smile


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Can't stop listening to this guy, such a fascinating concept. It's rare that these types of setups are more than just a novelty, but this guy goes so far above and beyond. It's a damn shame about his hearing, but at least he got to do this at all.

Has anybody used/heard of a Nady MM-242 mixer for their live setup? The price is BEYOND right at $30, and other than possibly introducing noise I can't imagine it would bork up the audio quality too terribly. Even then, the lack of an EQ or any sends makes me think the circuit is extremely simple, and therefore unlikely to introduce very much noise.

I might pick one up just by virtue of the cost...


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Ah! I should have looked more closely, and realized there was already a thread. I'll take this mistaken first post as a 'lesson learned' wink

I always worry about providing anything too close to exact physical coordinates, but I take your point. I had made a conscious decision not to plug my non-chip material, however since you mentioned it you can find my "songs" at smile If you use Spotify you can search for "Skoddie" and you'll find an album I released earlier this month.

Glad to be received well, and I'm looking forward to the months, and hopefully years ahead!


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Hello there!

I'm not sure if introduction threads are received warmly here, but since I'm normally more of a lurker than a poster I figured I'd turn habit on its head and say HELLO.

My name is Skoddie (seriously), and I've been a fan of the chiptune/demoscene crowd for any number of years without actively participating myself. I've been a gamer of all types since I could form words(DOOM shall never die), and a....lets say music enthusiast since shortly thereafter. Believe it or not, I actually attended college for synthesis a number of years back, and also worked in the exciting field of audio engineering/pro audio. Due to some unfortunate events from ~2008-late 2014 I took a hiatus from playing/experimenting/creating music (and sadly mothballed a Fodera for some time), but I've been recently inspired and have had some EXTREMELY pleasing results recently with sample based experimental, meterless, I'm sure I could come up with some compelling argument that it's music, but either way I rather enjoy listening to it and have gotten old enough that personal appreciation is all that really matters.

All of that boringness aside, I messed around with LSDJ a bit in the early 2000s, but not having the funds for a flashcart I ended up getting distracted with dull 'traditional' instruments. Fast forward to today, and I've been having an itch to take a serious attempt at making some old fashioned gameboy noise. I've gone an ordered myself a DMG and a cart and am seriously looking forward to spending hours squinting, toiling, and otherwise frustrating myself to (hopefully) make some pretty awesome music.

Anyways, my storied bio aside, I'm planning to make Chipmusic a regular stop in my internet habits, so clearly you should expect to see me asking duplicate questions without searching, posting unsolicited links to my non-chip music, and writing horrifically long run on sentences that never seem to end even though they clearly should have stopped probably 5 commas ago big_smile

In addition to video gaming, chiptunes, and demos, I'm a huge enthusiast of tabletop RPGs and (non-boffer) LARPs, so if anybody who kept reading this post to this paragraph would like to chat about those feel free to message me or reply to this thread wink

I'm looking forward to joining this community, and can't wait for the cool interactions/music it will (hopefully) bring!

heart Skoddie